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Santa Clara
Posted 3 years ago

NewsOnChat Inc. is a software startup company located in Santa Clara, California. We believe in applying technology with heart to bringing good to the entire society. We design and develop social networking application for mobile platforms including iOS and Android. We are looking for Software Engineers to design and develop our mobile application Topichat. Our main product Topichat is a communication hub for both work and life. As a small startup company, our engineers will be exposed to different aspects of engineering and business. You will not only learn and grow fast, but also make impacts immediately.


* Collaborate with software engineers, backend team, programmers, and the chief technology officer to identify core functionalities desired by users, determine requirements and limitations of system performance and security

* Design, develop, and test the backend and database of the application

* Design architecture of the application, with a focus on dividing the backend and database functionalities into individual yet linked components and ensuing all components integrate systematically and work properly as a whole

* Create models and diagrams, to describe the backend architecture and the database scheme

* Maintain and validate backend and database functionalities to ensure the application works properly as the application features, user hardware, and operating systems continue to update

* Prepare and update technical documentation and changelogs for software components to support future maintenance and upgrades

* Modify and implement software applications to correct problems, improve performance and user-friendliness, add new functionalities, and adapt to new hardware and software

* Incorporate TCP (HTTP(S), WebSocket), UDP protocol, and buffer technology into applications and systems

* Develop automatic monitoring and reporting mechanisms to optimize database resource consumption, system performance, service availability, and schedule software and hardware upgrades


* BS/MS degree in Computer Science, Electrical or Computer Engineering, or closely related field

* Fluent in one or more of the following: Java, JavaScript, C/C++, Python, CQL, Lua or shell scripting

* Experience with Unix/Linux operating systems, databases (e.g. MySQL, Cassandra, Redis) and Spring framework is preferred

* Expertise in designing, analyzing and troubleshooting large-scale distributed systems

* Knowledge of RESTful API, Node.js, models and diagrams

* Demonstrated experience with writing and updating documents using Javadoc, GitHub and apiDoc

* Expertise in setting up and ensuring database connections with Spring framework, WebSocket, NGINX server and others to meet business or industry requirements

* Familiar with Elastic Stack, Consul and Bash

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